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Happy One Month Anniversary!
What You Mean To Me
You and Me
Poems and Quotes

What You Mean To Me

Just a few reasons why you mean the world to me....

You treat me better then anyone on the planet ever has.
You make me feel like I mean something.
You make me feel special.
You overflow me with happiness.

You can bring a smile to my face when others bring a frown.
I can be so open and honest with you.
You are open and honest with me.
You care about me.
You make the most adorable facial expressions.


What You Mean To Me

You really have no idea what you mean to me!

You mean more to me then anything else on this planet! You have been there for me through thick and thin. We have been through so much and I just want to say thanks for it all. I dont know what I would do without you.

Some Quotes:

Please take me by the hand
It's so cold out tonight
I'll put blankets on the bed
I wont turn out the light
Just dont forget to think about me
And I wont forget you

This world's an ugly place
But youre so beautiful to me.

I love you baby!