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Happy One Month Anniversary!
What You Mean To Me
You and Me
Poems and Quotes

You and Me

Remember all the good times....

Heres to all the fun we have had.... and all the times we have spent together.


We all need somebody we can turn to
Someone who’ll always understand
So if you feel that your soul is dyin’
And you need the strength to keep tryin’
I’ll reach out and take your hand


I’m trying to remember
Why I was afraid
To be myself
And let the..... covers fall away
Guess I never had
Someone like you
To help me fit
In my skin


I Love You

I will shield your heart from the rain
I will let no harm come your way
Oh these arms will be your shelter
No these arms won't let you down,
If there is a mountain to move
I will move that mountain for you
I'm here for you, I'm here forever
I will be your fortress, tall and strong
I'll keep you safe,
I'll stand beside you, right or wrong

I love you baby!